Woolly bollard supporting London Cycling Campaign’s Space for Cycling campaign.  If you’re London based, do show some support for the campaign by going to the Space for Cycling website and asking your local candidates to support cycle friendly initiatives in your area.


Death Comes Out of the Sun by The Rocketeer on Flickr.


Teresa Hubbard and Alexander BirchlerFilmstills - The End


Ventilator by Peter Judson

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@David_Cameron please make sure allotments stay petition here

The Society is aware of a recent e-petition has been placed on the HM Government web-site regarding plans to free councils from the obligation to provide allotments. This petition was placed in response to the resurfacing in social media of an article in the Independent newspaper that dates from 2011.
The National Allotment Society and others campaigned against these plans in 2011 and they were dropped, in fact David Cameron gave assurances in Parliament at the time that the allotment movement had his full support and that it was extremely important that allotments were made available.
The Society is aware that allotments are vulnerable to threats from developers looking for green land to build on – signing this petition can only serve to reinforce to government the importance many people place on allotments and the passion that they feel about them but we feel that we must point out that the particular threat that this petition refers to is no longer current. So it is unlikely it would ever be debated in the House of Commons as the issue has already been resolved.
Sent on behalf of the Haringey Allotments Forum
Jerk chicken coming up

@EclecticMethod - A Brief History of Sampling

nice film.

R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles, 1955-2014

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Ford Escort A3 Screen print
Four layer screen print topped with Sericol oil based Gloss Varnish
BFK Rives, 100% Cotton, 310gsm
Edition of 10
Available here
Giclee reproduction available here

@PedestrianUK & Jasperdrum - Beatamaxv=EAShL2vEeWI&feature=share

call me #oldfashioned… (at Oval Space)
#streetart elevated

ESG meets Haim meets… #lazydescription